You can help us to support local families

Make a donation

We ask parents and carers to pay towards the cost of each session.  We try to keep this contribution as low as possible - so that we don't prevent anyone who needs our support from coming along.

Parents / carers pay:

  • £3.00 per session for the weekly pre-school group 
  • £5.00 for the monthly group for older children 

Parents and carers also pay an annual membership fee of £6.00. 

The children's particular needs mean that we need to keep the group small, and we need two professionals to run it. This makes it an expensive resource: it costs more than £200 per session to run the group, and the parents' contributions don't even cover the cost of hiring the room.

We are always seeking support from grant funders, sponsors and individual donors. 

You can support our local work

If you wish to make a donation to support our work and the families who attend, please click the 'donate' button.

Alternatively, you can make a cheque payable to Speech, Sign and Song Club and send it to The Treasurer, The Speech, Sign & Song Club, 21 Sheraton Drive, Wollaton NG8 2PR.

Many thanks for all your support.